Who is Sedona?

Sedona, known by her friends as Sed, is a young artist born and raised in Manila, Philippines.  She is currently in the Multimedia Arts Program of De La Salle-College of St. Benilde, and is exploring different means of creative expression.   

Although her projects are mainly illustrative in nature, Sedona has some background in other digital media as well.  She is most inspired by how art can bring to life things one can only imagine, such as in stories of worlds that we can’t normally experience.  Her work aims to inspire happiness by promoting play and imagination in everyday life for a more holistic and meaningful living.

She’s introverted, but deeply enjoys good company—particularly that of cats, in spite of her allergies.

Behind the Raven

Sedona’s given name happens to be a place in Arizona, which has come to be the inspiration for her logo.  Arizona being a center of spirituality and Native American lore, the image of a raven about to take flight- which happens to be a symbol of creativity- was used.  Ravens in Native American lore are the life-giving spirits.  They are known as the form-changers that can inspire joy and laughter in people’s hearts, and remind them to enjoy what they can in life.  This is what she hopes to emulate in her own work.